GE came to us with a design challenge. Their goals were:

1. Take a custom product with well over 25 iterations and design 80% of the functional footprint into 2 devices.
2. Take the average cost of $23,800 and reduce it by half.
3. Reduce the original lead-time of 20 weeks by 6-8 weeks. Lead-time goal was 12 weeks
4. Non-Recurring Engineering(NRE) budget not to exceed $50,000.


Given the fact we had been building these devices for several years, we already had some ideas to work from. We were confident we could accomplish their goals so they invested a little time in gathering the specifications and cornerstone design requirements into a scope of work. We then took the project and ran with it, using our knowledge and experience to develop a plan that would work within their constraints.

  • “Mike, I want to congratulate you and your team on a job well done. To be honest, I was challenged on this idea and the likelihood of its success. This project is another example of how the ASSEM-tech Inc. team makes me look good around here.”

    D. Eenigenburg


0 %
functionality of original devices
0 %
below price-per-unit goal
0 %
quicker than original lead-time
0 %
under budget

At the end of the project, we were able to deliver above and beyond our original scope of work. We were able to accomplish GE’s goal of 2 devices with the required 80% of functionality of the original custom devices, with the 2 devices each priced at $9,850 and $7,595. This beat their pricing goal by 17% and 36% respectively. The new lead-time was quoted at 8-10 weeks, which means we beat their lead-time goal by between 17% and 33%. Finally, the NRE budget. We completed the project with Non-Recurring Expenses of slightly over $35,000 including the design engineering, document creation and manufacturing tooling/fixturing expenses, beating their budget goal by 30%.

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